Providing the necessary expertise to carry out all of your projects

ILS Océan Indien offers expertise, advice and support throughout the whole of your project’s lifecycle. From the design phase through to implementation, our objective is client satisfaction and quality assurance.


ILS Océan Indien has the expertise, combined with state of the art equipement (scanner, GPS…), to provide clients with reliable data for earthworks (platforms, volume measurements…). Besides surveying, studies are carried out to monitor surface soil movements.
Our clients fully recognize the reliability of our data and our professional precision.

Design and studies

Our team can handle challenging projects, no matter how large or complex. The use of specific surveying and road design software allows for the provision of reports (plans, images, 3D models…) and decision making tools to assist with the implementation of all of your projects. Our services range from the design phase to the monitoring phase and include associated studies and the development of all necessary documents for a project implementation.

The key to a succesful project is the design and studies; ILS Océan Indien provides support for the development of your studies and execution plans.

Specifications / Measurements and profiles

ILS Océan Indien ensures plans adhere to European standards. We provide expertise for project and earthwork calculations and supply the appropriate tools and the right personnel. Our services and results go hand in hand with quality and reliability.


References, a few examples

  • 2012 : External supervision of a bridge (5 spans), MADAGASCAR, (AMSA)
  • 2011: Surveying and geomorphological study for a future hydroelectric plant site in Ampitabepoaky, Madagascar (Henri Fraise et Fils)
  • 2009-2010: Topographical study for the installation of a pipeline, part of the Ambatovy Project, Madagascar (Sherritt)
  • 2010 : Parceling (26Ha) and road study in Tamatave, Madagascar (Henri Fraise et Fils)
  • - 2009 : Topographical study and execution plans : RN6 Mampikonyto Port Bergé, Madagascar (SOGEA)
  • 2009 : Study and topography for the installation of a national backbone, Madagascar (SAGEM communication)
  • 2008 : Excavation methods and surveying for the construction site of Ambatovy’s Cobalt/Nickel processing, Madagascar (Sherritt)