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The ILS Océan Indien outsourcing unit, experienced in surveying, is fully conversant with the data processing production chain. Through continuous investment in research and development, ILS Océan Indien works with the latest state of the art technologies and guarantees accurate and quality results. We offer significant outsourcing advantages: technical rigor, high quality performance, reduced production costs and prompt data processing, in line with policies based on human worth.


ILS Océan Indien is fully acquainted with LiDAR, an advanced technology, which provides large-scale plans.

The high quality of our images is guaranteed by our comprehensive knowledge of the complete LiDAR data processing chain, both aerial and terrestrial: from the data acquisition phase to the data reporting. Our expertise and skills are regularly reviewed through continuous research and development to keep abreast of such technologies and specialized softwares.

Please be assured that ILS Océan Indien has the flexibility and adaptability to deliver high quality images to meet your requirements.

Static Scanner

Various methods of data acquisition can be tailored to suit your requirements. Nowadays, theses methods are reliable and our data processing methods guarantee high quality images.

We are able to process data for all scanner applications: façade design, interior design, pylon design, sections, grid points…

3D Models

ILS Océan Indien can provide digital 3D models in various types/formats. These 3D models enable a comprehensive overview of your project and are useful decision making tools. Our research and development unit contributes to the continuous improvement of modelling to best satisfy your needs and to move forward with developments in this rapidly growing sector.


We offer the possibility of large-scale maps from digital orthophotos while ensuring flawless quality. In-house chain management guarantees accuracy that will meet your requirements. .


ILS Océan Indien offers vector graphics from paper plans. Our personnel can provide accurate digital graphics consistent with the originals for future projects or your archiving requirements.

Topographical Surveys

ILS Océan Indien can also design high quality topographical plans from your surveys and sketches saving you time, allowing you to stay competitive and increasing your profits.

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References, a few examples

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  • 2012 : Filtering and 2D digital modelling of the A85 motorway (20 km), France (ECARTIP)
  • 2012 : Pylon design and sampling, France (ECARTIP)
  • 2012 : Filtering and 3D digital modelling of the A355 motorway (25 km), France (VINCI)
  • 2012 : Compilation of Orthophotos from IGN historical data, Reunion (AD-SIG)
  • 2012 : Filtering, 3D digital modelling, 3D models of the area of Bata (45, 000 ha), Equatorial Guinea (Bouygues)
  • 2012 : Design of a school façade (1,500 m²), Reunion (AD-SIG)
  • 2012 : Digital road modelling from LiDAR terrestrial data (200 km), France (CERENE)
  • - 2011-2012 : Filtering and 3D digital modelling of the A65 motorway (150 km), France (ECARTIP)
  • 2011 : 3D topographical model of the extension of Line E of the RER, Ile-de-France (50 km), France (ECARTIP)
  • 2011 : Interior design plans from sketches (20,000 m²), France (ECARTIP)