A full of skills and services in surveying, infrastructure management, outsourcing and international assignments…

Industry-recognised standards, unique expertise

ILS Océan Indien works with its clients throughout every phase of their project.

For the most part, data are mainly collected by terrestrial surveying and remote sensing (LiIDAR). The use of appropriate software enables digital data to be processed and packaged into efficient decision-making tools. From rural to urban areas, mangroves to primary forest, across hills and desert,along coastal regions and rivers, ILS Océan Indien provides public and private enterprises with solutions for town and country planning, natural resource development and industry. ILS Océan Indien has developed specific expertise to deal with various the types of projects and to overcome regional constraints.

The design office provides specific expertise for large infrastructure and development projects.

The outsourcing department was initially set up to process data from ECARTIP. This service is now open to external clients such as the Surveyor’s Office, construction and surveying companies, energy operators… They can now benefit from our experience in terms of cost, quality control and work schedules.

International assignments ensure thats our clients, wherever they may be, have skilled personnel at hand to manage services tailored to their current and future needs.

The advantages of a growing company

Our location, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, allows for a perfect understanding and knowledge of the local environment, enabling quick and reliable technical analysis.

The use of state-of-the-art digital surveying equipments (GPS, scanner, LiDAR) effectively addresses clients’ needs related to lasergrammetry, bathymetry, geodesy, and design. Moreover, our skilled workforce is ready to be deployed anywhere in the world.

State-of-the-art equipement for a dynamic team

Endowed with an expatriate Director (Luc Staub, INSA graduate) and managerial staff , ILS Océan Indien prides itself on its European quality standards that encourage partnerships with offshore subsidiaries of major international planning operators. ILS’ management practices and standards are attracting more and more clients who have decided to outsource their data processing requirements.

ILS Océan Indien uses state-of-the-art equipments adapted to the various field sites (dual frequency GPS, Total Stations, laser scanners, echo- sounders…) and specialized software to deliver efficient and accurate data.


ILS Océan Indien’s newsletter

Mai 2012Avril 2012

« ILS Océan Indien’s use of state-of-the-art technology and their investment in training and R&D guarantees clients receive comprehensive, timely, quality service. »

« ILS Océan Indien is one of the few topographical companies capable of mobilizing skills and expertise for almost all of the large projects in the Indian Ocean region and Africa. »