Managing environmental changes with geographic data

Surveying is ILS Océan Indien’s main line of business. With a multi-talented team, state-of-the-art equipment, extensive experiences in the field, clients across all sectors of activity have confidence in the quality of our services.

Geodesic surveying

Through all of ILS Océan Indien’s experiences, our expertise in surveying and geodesy has been strengthened to meet customer requirements. Our services range from project design and development (town planning, transport, housing, environment…) to project implementation and monitoring. Our technicians are mobile, independent and can easily adapt to all types of working terrain whatever the type or size of project. In response to our client’s requirements, the latest digital equipement is used; maintenance and calibration are carried out by ITS, a specialist subsidiary of the Ecartip group.

The production of high quality data and capacity to process data with all available software on the market enables us to anticipate needs (installation of roads, buildings, pipelines…) and produce dynamic digital models (for GIS for example).


In order to satisfy our clients, the use of on-board bathymetric equipment allows us to work in maritime and inland waterways or flooded areas.

Our bathymetry team may find themselves working on different sites such as port development, dredging projects or laying pipelines, cables or optical fibres.


ILS Océan Indien offers clients the innovative technology of lasergrammetry (static scanner, dynamic terrestrial and airborne imaging) for geometric data acquisition (3D), with topographical precision.

On a large scale, this technique provides sufficient precision to make accurate estimates (slopes, cubatures, linear…) and enables a quick and effective response to data requirements of each project. For purely topographical purposes, highly accurate plans can be produced when combined with photos.

A high-level management team, an integrated design office and state-of-the-art equipments all contribute to the provision of services in line with the complexities and challenges of large-scale projects.

ILS Océan Indien has complete control over the in-house digital work chain for data processing,report generation (drawings, photos, 3D…) and provision of decision-making tools; all data is stored on secure dedicated servers.

References, a few examples

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  • - 2012 : LiIDAR and bathymetric studies for the construction new coastal road to Saint-Denis, La Possession, Reunion (VINCI Construction)
  • 2012 : Topographical survey of hydro seeding sites along the route of the Ambatovy’s pipeline, Madagascar (Consolidated Constractors Consortium, CCC).
  • 2012 : Topographical survey using RTK-GPS technology on a mining in Manantenina, Anosy Region, Madagascar (AZIANA/ESAMA Minerals)
  • - 2012 : Topographical survey on the operations site of Zircon in Ambatofotsy Beravina, Madagascar (Compagnie Générale des Mines de Madagascar, CGMM SARL)
  • 2011 : Collection of 14 Ground Control Points Betsiboka Region, Madagascar (ATW Geosystems)
  • - 2011 : Bathymetric and topographical studies for access to the Port of Saint-Louis for ships carrying equipment for oil exploration, Ambilobe, Madagascar (AQUATER)
  • 2011 : Topographical survey of shrimp production site in Besalampy, Madagascar (SOGEA SATOM)
  • 2011 : Topographical survey for the installation of a pipeline in the Indian’Ocean, Madagascar (ATINAK)
  • 2011 : Topographical survey for the provision of potable water in the town of Ambalavao, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar (SOGEA SATOM))
  • - 2010 : Bathymetric studies for the expansion of Nacala Bay Port, Mozambique (SOMEAH)
  • - 2010 : Fiber optic network design Madagascar (SAGEM Communication)